Personal Trainer & Health Coach at Club Fitness in Campbell River


Read what my fitness clients say about me…

Coach Donovan quite literally saved my life. A few months ago I was extremely unhealthy and suffered from constant anxiety. Now, almost 20 sessions later, I feel like a different person. Not only is he a very knowledgeable trainer, but he really helped me with my nutrition as well. Now I can’t imagine him not being a part of my health journey. On top of having an incredible eye for detail when going through the exercises (I had been living with hyper-mobile joints and never knew it), he is so empathetic and caring – he really advocates for YOU as a client. I never thought I’d stick with the gym for this long but now it’s my favourite part of the week and I look forward to having many more sessions with him! Chloe Valentine

Youth Engagement Coordinator, Youth Can 20/20

Donovan is an exceptional personal trainer and I recommend him without hesitation. He brings an authentic positivity to workouts – and backs it up with a deep knowledge set around fitness, strength training, nutrition, and health. I came to Donovan with a specific set of personal goals. He took the time to listen and to craft a unique program around my goals. The results have exceeded my expectations and significantly changed my life for the better.

Jeff Seedhouse, P.Eng. MBA

CEO, Avatara Software

Donovan has an innate ability to inspire people towards healthier living. He is a rare person who is truly driven by his passion for health and fitness. He frequently offers time and advice to people out of the kindness of his heart, whether it’s helping strangers in a health store pick out supplements or giving nutrition advice to friends or family to help them with their health challenges. Anyone who knows Donovan knows that they can turn to him with any health challenge and get the support, encouragement and information they need.

Torva Kristin Logan

IT Marketing Consultant, KLA Group, Inc

Donovan is a great coach, I enjoyed his classes so much! He is very serious about coaching, proper techniques and he is aware of all his students in his class. He is always there to help us improve yet keeps it all so much fun and makes us want to come to class. Thank you for making us look forward to Wednesday CrossFit 6pm….you will be missed.

Addy Amaral

Fitness Professional, Energia

I’m on a mission and Donovan is giving me the tools to get there! I’m coming in as a total newbie to weightlifting and bodybuilding with really ambitious goals and a lot of bad habits. I knew in order to succeed I had to work with the experts, people who have a passion for their work and have the next level of knowledge. Donovan definitely knows a lot! Not only does he push me to finish my reps, but he also guides me through diet and general health coaching – not an easy feat! I wouldn’t be able to get the service and skills I need elsewhere. He actively works on my program and keeps me in line. Since working with Donovan, I feel like my mission can be accomplished and I want to impress him with my amazing strength 😝💪🤙👌

Mary Boscia

National Head, Records and Information, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG)

I have found with having Coach Donovan train me, I have skilled instruction that helps me get the results that I am looking for. Donovan has so much knowledge of fitness and nutrition. He has taught me I don’t need to spend countless hours of cardio to get the results I desire. Instead, weight training a couple of days a week, and follow a primal diet, and now I am seeing results 😃. I highly recommend Coach Donovan James!!

Judy Bevington

Nurse's Aid

Donovan is an absolute delight to work with; he is incredibly knowledgeable, inspirational and has an authentic passion to help others become the best version of themselves! I love that he cares so much about his client’s success, happiness and health- this is so evident in his personal approach to each client and his unique gift in inspiring us to crush our goals! Thank you so much, Donovan, for your kindness, passion and for giving my son the confidence and motivation to thrive! Shelley Sanders

Marketing Communications Specialist & Public Speaker, Self-Employed

Donovan is a great motivator and mentor and he is also confident and decisive; he has an excellent character, including a high sense of responsibility, team-work spirit and dedication to his profession.At all times I have found Donovan to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, courteous. He is one of the most pleasant persons you will ever meet. He is forthright, but neither intimidates nor intrudes. He is genuinely friendly as well as honest. You will also be impressed with his authentic and professional manner. Roberto Duffoo


The first time I met with Coach Donovan he conducted a thorough assessment and then he developed a workout program specific to my needs and in accordance with his assessment. He adjusts the workout program as my needs change which delivers ongoing significant results. He goes beyond what is required of him as a coach and recommends reading materials to enhance his teachings on exercise, health and nutrition. I highly recommend Coach Donovan to anyone who is thinking of making healthy changes. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Coach Donovan, for enabling me to make important changes and keeping me motivated.

Lucie Draibye


Training with Coach Donovan has made me feel so much stronger and resilient. At last as a 60++ woman I am doing something for myself. Thanks for the awakening! Mary Lovett

EcoSchools Specialist, Toronto District School Board

Motivational, passionate, personable, kind – all words I would use to describe coach Donovan! Loved being in his classes… Had lots of fun and learned a lot from what he had to say/teach. He is patient in his teaching methods and efficient! An awesome coach and person! Hannah Machado

CrossFit Level 2 Coach, Energia

Donovan is an enthusiastic coach that loves to share his knowledge. He’s helped me drastically improve on several movements and increase my overall level of fitness. Dustin Parchment

Sports Coach, Contractor

Donovan is very informative and passionate about health and fitness. He listens and is supportive to helps make your goals possible. Thank you for all of your help and guidence.

Katherine King

Early Childhood Educator, Self-Employed