The health and fitness industries are in a state of reverse evolution where anyone can pretend to be a health and fitness expert online. Exploiting innocent minds, many of these so-called instastars provide outdated or misleading information that’s made believable by their artificially enhanced physiques, good genes, and marketing charisma.

To help you discern between the broscience and real science, here’s a list of some of the most reputable and knowledgable fitness coaches, primal nutritionists, and functional medicine doctors in the industry. They will help educate and inspire you to make better choices by challenging conventional beliefs and practices with practical tips based on cutting-edge research and experience.

Exercise Biomechanics and Execution

If Sherlock Holmes, Tony Stark and Sheldon Cooper got exposed to gamma radiation, they would make Coach Kassem Hanson of N1 Education. Kassem is on a mission to bring integrity and real science to the fitness education scene. Kassem is reinventing our understanding of training and nutrition by delivering evidence-based knowledge that’s easily applicable. Follow Kassem and his crew to learn how to individualize your exercise execution, program design, and nutrition based on your unique biomechanics, physiology, and biochemistry.

Coach Kassem Hanson, Founder of N1 Education | Facebook | Instagram
N1 Training | Website | Facebook | Instagram
N1 Education | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Coach Cody Moxley, N1 Education | Instagram
Coach Adam Miller, N1 Education | Instagram

Primal (Paleo) and Ketogenic Diet Nutritionists & Resources

Living and eating according to ancestral health principals allows you to influence how your genes express themselves in order to build the strongest, leanest, healthiest body possible. Primal living is about thriving in the modern world with a set of basic principles founded in evolutionary biology. Meeting the fundamental physical and dietary inputs we evolved to expect opens the door to a level of optimal health no matter what your current age, fitness level, or body size.

Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple (Blog) | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint (Book) | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Mark Sisson’s The Keto Reset (Book) | Website | Facebook
Robb Wolf | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube
Dr. Berg | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Functional Medicine Professionals

Functional medicine offers hope and real transformation to patients who would otherwise be consigned to a lifetime of medications, doctor’s visits, and suffering by aiming to treat the causes of chronic diseases, not just the symptoms. The following list includes physicians and healthcare professionals who practice in a space between ancestral health, functional medicine, and lifestyle medicine. Follow them for free tips and information compatible with my own coaching principals.

Mark Hyman, MD | Website | Facebook | InstagramYouTube
Kresser Institute | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Dr. Josh Axe | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Looking for a local Naturopathic Physician in the Campbell River and Courtenay/Comox area, try Dr. Graham Sigalet | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Biohackers with Education and Experience in Scientific Fields

Biohacking can be described as do-it-yourself biology. For many biohackers, this can include anything from making diet and lifestyle changes to using new, cutting-edge technology and supplements to improve everything from your muscle cell’s mitochondria to the neurons in your brain. Follow these thought leaders and anti-ageing scientists to learn what biohacks might work best for your body.

David A. Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Dave Asprey, The Bullet Proof Guy | Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube